How to withdraw money from Chillbet: a guide

There is no denying that everyone is playing just for the money. This is the main reason why bookmakers and slot machines have become so interesting and popular among the population. Therefore, you need to understand if any features should be remembered when it comes to withdrawing money from Chill Bet.

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What kind of company is this 

If you look at the date of registration of the company, the project was created only in 2022. This is one of the representatives of the new wave, but only if you do not look closely at the characteristics that the official BK website hides. This is an online casino that has been rebranded. This happened in 2022, and the company was previously known as Chillbet. The name won’t give anyone much information as they haven’t done a lot of PR for their site.  

But now everything has changed. The company has taken the matter more seriously and is ready to enter the international market with new forces and an updated design. The Chillbet website immediately received a business license from the Curacao regulator. This is a small island nation that has become famous for its gambling. 

Such a permit is issued only to those companies that have passed a full range of procedures to confirm the security of customers. Therefore, first, the office is checked using all the basic services required by ordinary users. If everything is in order, you can proceed directly to testing the games themselves on the site. 

All virtual and real slots are fully tested, including the payout percentage. If the RTP does not meet the established values, the casino simply will not receive a license for its activities. 


To start playing Chillbet, you first need to go through the registration process. Creating an account in an online casino is very simple. All operators try to organize the procedure in such a way that you can open an account with one click. Chillbet did the same. But first, you need to consider the option when the client uses the classic interface for registration. 

How to open a personal account on Chillbet: 

  1. Open the official website of the company. The online casino provides access to visitors from almost anywhere in the world. There is a specific list of countries from which users cannot register. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to read the terms and conditions of the site. If you are in a country where gambling is allowed, you can safely go through the registration procedure. 
  2. Find the «Register» button, which is located on every page of the site. It is located on the panel at the top of the screen. 
  3. A questionnaire will open, which you will need to fill out. Various contact information is entered here. You must specify the phone number and email address. Then they need to be confirmed so that the account is assigned to you. This is also a prerequisite for activating two-factor verification. At the same step, you will need to select the main fiat currency for your account. 
  4. Complete the registration. 

If you don’t want to create an account in the standard way, you can speed up this process. To do this, just take a closer look at the registration entry window. Two buttons resemble Google and Steam icons. In Chillbet, you can create an account for the game if you have an account on the relevant sites. The whole procedure will be completed in just 2 clicks. 

Once you are on the page where you need to enter your phone number and email, click on the button with the icon of the corresponding page. Give your consent to the transfer of your data to Chillbet. After that, you will immediately find yourself in your account. You will be able to proceed to the game for real money. 

The procedure for opening an account is no different, regardless of which device you use to access Chillbet. If it’s a phone, the only thing that will be different is the location of the keys. They may be slightly different, but you shouldn’t have any problems or difficulties. You can also create an account through the app. 

Deposit and withdrawal of funds 

An interesting feature of Chillbet is that, despite opening an account in a specific fiat, it is always possible to deposit cryptocurrency on it. In this case, the money will be credited to the corresponding token account, after which you will track its value at the current exchange rate relative to the currency of your account. 

The first deposit is the most difficult. You still don’t know how long you need to wait for funds to be credited, as well as other nuances of the system. 

What are the ways to create a deposit:

The list of available financing options may vary. It all depends on the region in which you live and are at the moment. It is also affected by the type of main currency you choose. Not all options are available for different fiat currencies. That is why the cryptocurrency is becoming one of the most popular ways to make transactions in this and many other casinos. 

How to deposit Chillbet: 

  1. Open the online casino website. There are several ways to do this. In some regions, Chillbet can be obtained by simply visiting their main website. But for some countries, this strategy will not work. You will have to look for a mirror or connect to a VPN connection. In this case, all the features of the site become open to the user. 
  2. Go through the login procedure. If you don’t have an account, you can create one with one click. 
  3. After confirming the phone number and email address, which is done solely for increased security, you can proceed to the deposit itself. To do this, find the «Deposit» button at the top of the screen and click on it. 
  4. A new window will appear in front of the user. Here you need to choose the currency that will be transferred to your casino account. It can be the main fiat of your account or any of the available cryptocurrencies. 
  5. Select the payment method. In some cases, their number is limited. 
  6. Enter the deposit amount and payment details. 
  7. Confirm the transaction. 

After that, you can log into any slot machine that is only available in the casino. The winnings will be immediately transferred to your main account. To initiate the withdrawal process, you need to open the same «Deposit» window, but this time switch the procedure to «Withdrawal of funds». 

You will only have to choose the currency for withdrawing funds from the site, as well as specify the payment method. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, and then confirm the procedure. 

Withdrawal of funds will be available only after you specify and confirm your email address. This can be done in your account. This should not cause any difficulties. In addition, you can immediately confirm the phone number that is linked to your account. 


The promotional offers of Chillbet are not so widely painted yet. The company is still just thinking about how to approach this. Perhaps, over time, even more, options will be added here that will allow you to receive great gifts. 

You can get a bonus just by making a deposit. In this case, a voucher is credited to your account. This is a special voucher for rotating the gift wheel. As a reward, you can only get a cash prize, but this is already enough to multiply the available funds. Finally, Chillbet does not impose any additional wagering conditions on the player. Funds can be withdrawn immediately. 

On various websites, you can also find a promo code that you can use to get even more gifts from the bookmaker. It is enough to enter the name of the coupon in the «My bonuses» section to get free spins, bet insurance, or a cash gift to your account. It all depends on the type of promo code you receive. 

However, the most interesting offer for those who want to earn money will be a referral program. According to its terms, everyone who invites new customers to Chillbet will receive a percentage of the company’s income. With all this, no interest will be charged for the lost money. The company is ready to sacrifice its income, as it offers to receive up to 40% of the commission paid by the invited client during the game. 


There is an opportunity to download an online casino to your phone. To do this, you need to follow a small action plan: 

  1. Go to the official Chillbet website. It is best to do this directly from your phone since in this case, you will not need to download the file to your smartphone. Although you can also download the APK to your computer. 
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of any page. Here you will find the «Download App» button. Click on it. 
  3. The app will start loading automatically. 

The APK is best downloaded to your phone right away, although nothing prevents you from using your computer first. In this case, you will need to send the file from your computer to your smartphone already. To do this, you can use USB, Bluetooth, and other data transfer methods. 

Sometimes it is the newcomers who turn out to be the ones to look up to and from whom you need to take an example. Perhaps next year Chillbet will become the best bookmaker or casino on the Internet. And right now you can take advantage of the opportunity to earn with the help of a referral program, and then withdraw money to your cryptocurrency or bank card.