Promo code Chillbet — where to get free money

For modern gambling enthusiasts, this is probably one of the best times. After all, there are an incredible number of different sites competing for the attention of the community today.

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Therefore, there are great opportunities to increase your balance without investments, for example, by using promo codes. 

What bonuses are given 

This issue needs to be considered simultaneously from two sides. After all, the bonus offer should be beneficial not only for the user whom the casino wants to attract to its website but also for the institution itself. That is why almost all promotions have certain conditions that must be met to be able to reuse the funds received. 

In the case of Chill Bet, you need to say something right away. Currently, this platform offers only a limited list of bonuses and other promotions. Shares on this platform are just beginning to appear, as their validity period is still months, not years. But perhaps it is for this reason that the hottest offers will soon appear here, which will be very difficult to refuse. 

What do bonuses do with the casino itself? First of all, you get a regular player who pays out all the money you take on margin remotely. Such fees are charged for literally everything. Although the client sees that he is playing for free, a small percentage is charged for each bet. Ultimately, this becomes the main source of income for the company. 

Promo codes 

The first thing that a user who has just visited the Chillbet website will pay attention to is the available offers. At the moment there are not so many of them, you can only get special coupons for making a deposit, which you will have to use later in the wheel. The rewards are fixed amounts in the currency you have chosen for your main account. 

But promo codes are much more interesting. They are available in almost all casinos. Their big advantage is that promo codes allow you to get free spins and sports betting almost without any conditions. All you have to do is use these funds so that you already have money in your account that can be easily invested for withdrawal. 

The situation is similar to promo codes that allow you to get part of the balance. Most often it is several tens of dollars. Such a gift is also very easy to win back, it is enough to bet on this money or go and spin the reels of a qualifying slot machine. 

You can find real promo codes on the Internet. All you have to do is register on Chillbet’s social media pages. They are represented in Telegram, Discord, and Instagram. The customer should keep an eye on the latest updates on the public pages because the coupon he is looking for can be found there. 

Promo codes can also be obtained from other sources. These can be various pages or mailing lists of influential people. There are more and more of them, and considering that Chillbet is a very young agency in need of PR, the codes will be quite enough. In addition, promotions can be sent to a verified email address connected to your Chillbet account. 

Welcome Bonus 

Therefore, Chillbet does not offer a welcome bonus yet. The site is considered very young, so not all of the company’s plans have yet been implemented. 

What is a welcome bonus and why is it so necessary? Today, customers have already begun to choose a casino not by what conditions of play it has, but by what it receives for registration. The welcome bonus is the first gift that new players receive. 

If you are already a Chillbet customer but decided to create a new account to receive a welcome bonus, you should be wary. Such actions are a direct violation of the agreement concluded between the client and the site at the registration stage. All bookmakers and casinos consider such actions to be fraud, for which the client simply receives a complete closure of the account. In our opinion, it is not worth taking such a risk for the sake of a deposit bonus. 

Every customer hopes that Chillbet will soon develop a welcome package. After all, then new users can get free bets and spins on slot machines, as well as a plus to their balance. And all this can be called additional chances to break a really big jackpot. 

Deposit and withdrawal of funds 

Well, to receive your first gift from Chillbet, you need not only to go through the registration procedure but also to make a deposit. This is very simple since the bookmaker and the casino use payment methods that have already been improved by the previous Chillbet company. 

What payment methods are available in Chillbet:

A more detailed list of available deposit methods will be known after you select the currency and complete the registration procedure. Chillbet has both basic and additional deposit methods. If the number of deposit options does not increase for one currency, then this list may expand significantly for another currency. 

How to make your first deposit in Chillbet: 

  1. Open the Chillbet website. There are several ways to do this. Most players can access the site directly, as the company immediately obtained a license to conduct online gambling. However, if the casino is not available in your region, you should use a mirror or VPN service to bypass the blocking. 
  2. Accept in the system or register if you have not yet opened an account with Chillbet. 
  3. In the attached window, find the big green «Withdrawal of funds» button. Click on it. 
  4. A new window will open. Here you need to select the currency in which you want to top up your account. Although there is a coin option in the registration window, Chillbet allows you to top up your account not only with fiat currency. Cryptocurrencies also exist, and the casino has separate accounts for them. 
  5. Enter the deposit amount and select the payment method. Click «Next». 
  6. Enter the details of the payment method. 
  7. Confirm the transaction by entering the security code from the SMS or Push notification. 

Now you have a certain amount of money in your account. You can use it for sports betting or playing online slots. After you have satisfied your adrenaline rush, you can proceed to withdraw funds to your wallet. 

An interesting feature of Chillbet payouts is that you will need to confirm your email address. However, you do not need to provide any personal information in your locker. 

How to withdraw funds from Chillbet: 

  1. Open the Chillbet website.
  2. Log in under your account.
  3. Click on the big «Deposit» button at the top of the screen. 
  4. A window with 3 tabs will open. We need another one called «Output». 
  5. Select the wallet from which the funds will be withdrawn. It can be fiat or cryptocurrency. 
  6. Specify how to withdraw your winnings. 
  7. Enter the details of the payment method and the transfer amount. 
  8. Confirm the action. 

The only unpleasant surprise may be a reward. But it only applies to players who deposit and withdraw money using bank cards. It is quite difficult to say exactly how much Chillbet charges to cover expenses. The amount of the commission depends on the main currency of the account. 

However, we can give you some useful tips. If you want to withdraw money without additional fees, it is best to use cryptocurrency. The lowest commission is in USDT coins. In this case, the minimum withdrawal amount is 30 USD, and the commission is 0%. 

In some cases, the withdrawal procedure is delayed. This means that you have become a player who must undergo a full verification procedure. There is no need to be afraid of this, you just need to prepare for it correctly. You can verify your identity through the support service. Just ask about the reasons for the cancellation delay. 

The verification procedure begins with opening your account and entering your first and last name. Then it is also necessary to send a confirmation that the registered person is indeed such and that the information is not fictitious. Therefore, you will need to send a scanned ID and a self-portrait of yourself holding it in your hand. This is the only way to quickly verify your account and withdraw money almost without restrictions. 


Coupons and promo codes are two completely different things, and both are available to players at Chillbet Casino. These are different types of gifts that are available every time you top up your account. Tickets are also issued when you play at the casino. The vouchers received are used in a special wheel, which can be found on the page with all available bonuses. 

The prizes offered are fixed cash prizes. They are awarded without complicated conditions. You only need to make one bet to withdraw the gift you have already received. The exact amounts depend on the currency of the main account that you have chosen for yourself at the stage of account registration. 

Open a Chillbet account and click on the link to activate the Chillbet program. 

Instead of flooding customers with a huge amount of bonuses, Chillbet decided to approach attracting a new audience in a slightly different way. A special referral program was created. This is a scheme in which one client must entice another client to play on the site to receive passive income. 

Such a proposal sounds very attractive. After all, passive income is currently a great way to cover a significant portion of your financial needs. 

If you decide to accept any gift from a bookmaker, it is recommended that you first read the terms and conditions. They can vary greatly from stock to stock, as the nuances and points change depending on how many of them are given. Therefore, you need to be very careful. 

Chillout does not impose any complicated and serious coefficients or conditions on most promo codes. All you have to do is place a bet just once and the money will be yours.